Computer Programming

Learn Computer Programming – Build your own Computer Program

Learn Scratch

Accel Learning offers Computer Programming for kids and adults for all ages starting from 6 and above.

Why learn Computer Programming?

If there is one thing that most people see as a challenging task that has to be computer coding; this amazingly creative and simple skill is perceived to be reserved only for those who are geniuses or have a privileged mind. The reality is that coding is something that most people can do with very little effort, but this misconception comes precisely from the fact that everybody “knows” that computer programming is complicated and therefore not many people try to do it.

With Accel Learning’s unique approach, even kids as young as 6 year old can learn to build their own computer program.

So, start coding today and reap the benefits of doing this tomorrow!

 What’s covered in this Course?

Students will cover the following in about 15 hours of classes with lessons and exercises:

  • Learn computer programming using SCRATCH – a tool specially designed by MIT Media labs for teaching kids Computer Programming
  • Learn the basics of logic and algorithms
  • Start from Basic level and move to Advanced levels of computer programming
  • Get ready to start coding in JAVA SCRIPT and PYTHON
  • Build your own computer program and share it with the world on the Internet!

SCRATCH is a visual programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art – and share your creations on the web. With it, the child will learn important mathematical and computational ideas Think Creatively and Reason Systematically These concepts are key to learning any programming language Starting with Scratch will give each child a solid foundation to a build a future in programming.

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