The Arts

Unleash your creative potential!

The Arts

Accel Learning offers classroom based Arts education for all ages.

We currently offer Yoga, Fine Arts and Music courses during the School Year, Summer as well as Year round in Secaucus, NJ.

We are proud to be the first one to offer a 3-D printing as part of our Fine Arts course!

Learn to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding world and contribute to it!

Our Arts Courses

Fine Arts

Express yourself with your own creation!

Fine Arts

Accel Learning’s Fine Arts program offers a one of its learning opportunity that covers a wide spectrum of arts from:

  • Sketching – simple sketching on paper
  • Drawing – using pencil, charcoal and colored pens
  • Stippling – make a creation out of dots
  • Painting – using water colors and acrylic colors
  • Sculpting – build your own creature from clay
  • Origami – make animals by folding paper
  • Cutouts – decorate with cutout designs
  • Computer Graphics – draw and paint using a computer
  • 3-D Printing – print your own 3-D creation

This program is for children of all ages 5 years and above.



A healthy mind and a healthy body is the greatest of all wealth one can have. With Accel Learning’s Yoga classes, learn to keep fit, steady your mind, build concentration and improve your memory!

Yoga classes are offered for both Adults as well as kids.

As part of Yoga, you will learn the following:

  • Asanas – Body poses or physical exercises
  • Pranayama – Breathing exercises
  • Meditation – Relaxing your mind

This program is for all ages – from children age 5 years and above to adults.

Music Classes


Join our Music classes and learn to express art through sound.

We offer Music lessons to students of all ages and levels – from beginners to intermediates and even advanced

We teach the following instruments:

  • Piano – including digital synthesizer
  • Guitar – both electric as well as regular
  • Drums – and all percussion instruments

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