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Accel Learning provides classes for COOP Prep to Middle school students getting ready for High school.

Our Test Prep Approach

Test Prep
Our teaching approach helps students get better scores in their tests.
Accel Learning’s COOP Test Prep follows this proven approach:

  1. Start early
  2. Build on fundamentals
  3. Focus on test taking strategy
  4. Train, Train, Train
  5. Simulate Test scenarios
  6. Review results, reflect and revise

All Accel Learning students get free access to online quiz for further practice as well as online Q & A to get answers to questions anytime anywhere!

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About COOP

The Cooperative Admissions Examination (COOP) is prepared by a professional team of educators and assessment analysts at CTB/McGraw-Hill in conjunction with an advisory committee from the sponsoring dioceses.

The COOP Program serves as one of the criteria for admission to a Catholic High School located in the metropolitan areas of New Jersey.

The COOP Exam is an assessment strategy designed to enable the student’s high school admissions program of choice to measure the growth and achievement of the student, to date, and develop an accurate understanding of the student’s growth over time.

The purpose of the examination is to provide objective information about eighth grade students applying to the Catholic High School admissions program of their choice. The examination measures academic achievement in reading, language, and mathematics and contains additional material to assess academic aptitude and memory.

Please note that Catholic High Schools also utilize effort and performance ratings from grades 6, 7, and 8, as well as previous standardized test results.

What is covered in the COOP?

The COOP is divided into 7 test sections:

Test SectionQuestionsTimeDetails
Sequences15-2015 minutesRecognition of spatial relationships, patterns, progressions, and combinations
Analogies15-2017 minutesAbility to discern various types of relationships among picture pairs
Quantitative Reasoning15-2015 minutesQuantitative aptitude and math conceptualization
Verbal Reasoning - Words12-2015 minutesDeductive reasoning, categorization, and pattern recognition
Verbal Reasoning - Context8-2015 minutesAbility to solve verbal problems by reasoning deductively
Mathematics35-4040 minutesMathematics concepts
Calculators are NOT permitted
Reading and Language Arts45-5040 minutesReading comprehension, language expression, and vocabulary
How long is the COOP?

Actual testing time is 2 hours and 10 minutes.

When is the COOP administered?

The COOP is administered on the first Friday of November.

Where can I take a sample COOP test?

Take the COOP sample test to assess your skills.

Where can I get more information about COOP?

For more information about the COOP, please visit:

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