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App Development – Build your own Smart Phone Games

Game Design

Accel Learning teaches building Smart Phone Games through as part of App Development for kids and adults for all ages starting from 6 and above.

Why learn App Development and Game Design?

Smart phones have become an integral part of our lifestyle and with that the app stores have swelled with apps for almost anything. The Gaming category in apps is the largest and still the fastest growing. We know everyone loves to play a good game. How cool would it be to build one yourself?

Game design for Smart phones serves a dual purpose – not only would one learn to build a gaming app for a smart phone, but also learn to design a stand alone game.

Game designing allows the most creative freedom. From designing the smallest details in the game to the entire game logic and story. It is a playground where users are limited only by their imagination.

With Accel Learning’s unique approach, even kids as young as 6 year olds can learn to build their own games as Smart phone apps!

So, start building the games you like to play!

 What’s covered in App Development and Game Design?

Students will cover the following in about 15 hours of classes with lessons and exercises:

  • Learn App building skills by building a Game for Smart phones
  • Unleash creative energy by designing your own characters, Game layout, Story board, logic and more…
  • Learn to build the games you love to play on your phones!
  • Learn smart phone Game building using either Multimedia Fusion (MMF) or STENCYL or both
  • Develop and Publish your own Games on the App Store!

Multimedia Fusion (MMF) or STENCYL are both visual programming platforms that makes it easy to create your own Smart phone game apps.

Multimedia Fusion (MMF) enables anyone to create any type of 2D game or application. The all-visual programming environment ensures a frustration free experience to the student while they gain valuable experience with software design and development along with learning a wide range of programming concepts.

STENCYL uses a highly intuitive block-snapping interface inspired by the popular MIT Scratch project, which has proven to be an effective teaching model with children as young as 6.

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