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Accel Learning offers learning opportunities for students of all grades (K-12) in Math, Language Arts, Science, Computer Programming, Smart Phone Game App Development, Yoga, Music and Arts!

Introducing Singing Lessons at Accel Learning


Sing you way to Success with our Singing Lessons! Accel Learning is pleased to offer singing lessons with the launch of Vocal classes. Now get ready to bring out your singing talent. With the right instruction, anyone can learn how to sing. If you're a complete beginner, or someone with a lot of singing experience, the truth is [...]

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Happy Holidays 2016


Best Wishes from Accel Learning Accel Learning wishes all our students a very Merry Christmas and all the best wishes A Happy New Year! Note that Accel Learning will be closed on the following days: Dec 24, 25, 26 and 27 and again on Dec 31, Jan 1, 2 and 3. We will be back [...]

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Free Q and A for Accel Students


Introducing Free Q and A! Ask Questions - Get Answers - Anywhere - Anytime At Accel Learning, we want to offer our students all the opportunity to learn and excel. With that as our objective, we are happy to introduce an online studyboard - a first of its kind and free! Accel Learning students can [...]

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Free Online Math Practice


Accel Learning Math students get Free Online Math practice We are happy to introduce Free Online Math Practice for all our Math students of Accel Learning. Students can now take free online math practice tests on Tests are topic by topic, aligned to the Common Core syllabus so nothing is missed Students can take the [...]

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Join our COOP prep classes


Join our COOP prep classes and get the admission ticket to the High School of your choice! Many of our COOP prep students have gained admissions to their dream schools. Join our COOP Prep classes and you too can get the the school of your choice. The Cooperative Admissions Examination (COOP) Exam serves as one of the [...]

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Announcing Math Competition Classes


Are you ready for the Math Olympiads? Accel Learning is proud to announce our that: Our center has been approved to train students participating in the Math Olympiads, Math League and Math Kangaroo competitions Students can sign up for our Math Competition classes and get professional training from us. Students can participate in the competition at the Accel [...]

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Art Classes at Accel Learning


Unlock Creativity through Art Accel Learning’s Fine Arts Classes offers a one of its kind learning opportunity that covers a wide spectrum of arts from: Sketching – simple sketching on paper Drawing – using pencil, charcoal and colored pens Stippling – make a creation out of dots Painting – using water colors and acrylic colors Sculpting [...]

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Our students are building Games and Apps


You can build Games and Apps too...! Smart phones have become an integral part of our lifestyle and with that the app stores have swelled with apps for almost anything. The Gaming category in apps is the largest and still the fastest growing. We know everyone loves to play a good game. How cool would [...]

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Get your Articles published


At Accel Learning, we would like to encourage students to write. Writing helps them not only improve their communication (language) skills, but also helps them express their ideas, opinions and views with others. Accel Learning would like to support students who would like to share their ideas with the world! With that goal, we are [...]

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To PARCC or not to PARCC


How do you decide? It’s time for the End of Year (EOY) PARCC Exam. It is just around the corner with just weeks or in some cases just a few days left. With so much of news, some facts and some fake, coupled with an information overload from all corners of the education field, it [...]

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