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Accel Learning offers learning opportunities for students of all grades (K-12) in Math, Language Arts, Science, Computer Programming, Smart Phone Game App Development, Yoga, Music and Arts!

Learn to Sing at Accel Learning


Now Learn to Sing Indian Music at ACCEL LEARNING, Secaucus. Taught by Bollywood Singer and 'Sangeet Vishaarad' (Masters in Indian Classical Vocal Music) Ms. Sunita Kapur Ms. Sunita Kapur Now registering for Indian Vocal Lessons for Fall Semester 2016 beginning September 2016. Beginners Level - Basics of Indian Classical Music, Bhajan, Bollywood Old [...]

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WINNING – It’s our Nature


Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. Below are our students who never quit! Yajas Shah Grade 8 Math Olympiad Award winner Krtim Shah Grade 6 Math Olympiad Award winner Anya Singh Grade 5 John Hopkins SCAT achiever Agatsya Batchu Grade 3 Math Kangaroo Rank 6 Nationwide Shiv Kulkarni Grade [...]

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2016 Music Recital


We are very happy to share videos and photos of our first Music Recital! All the students did an awesome job and we are very proud of their accomplishments. The photos and videos of the event are on: (Photos and Videos) (Videos only) (Photos only) Here's the Performance Schedule: Opening Performance: Instructor: Daniel M [...]

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Think Summer-Think Fun! Join Accel Summer Camp


Join Accel Learning Summer Camp and have all the fun while you learn! Select courses of your choice and join the Summer Camp at Accel Learning. Computer Programming Course - Learn to build your own programs and share it with the World. Game App Dev Course - Build your own Android / iOS games. Math Olympiad [...]

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Everything you wanted to know about AP courses


As high school students begin to sign up for fall classes, it’s time to consider whether you should register for an Advanced Placement course next year or not. There are lots of questions and choices. Here's the What, Why, When and How of AP Courses. Everything you ever wanted to know about AP courses in a [...]

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SAT vs ACT: Which One Do I Take?


At Accel Learning, we get a number of students asking which test they should prepare for and what is the difference between SAT vs ACT? This post will not only help students learn more about the key differences and commonality between SAT and ACT, but will also help parents learn more about the tests. This will help [...]

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New SAT vs Old SAT


Changes that you must know to crack the New SAT. Differences and Similarities between the New and the Old SAT. The new SAT (2016) is changing drastically from the old SAT. In terms of content, no other SAT changes in the past few decades have been this dramatic. If you're familiar with the old SAT, [...]

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1.4 Million Jobs are waiting for your kids – Are they ready for it?


By the year 2020 over 1.4 million jobs will require critical coding skills. Our Education system is not yet ready to help your child get a piece of this $500 Billion opportunity. Here’s why Children should Learn To Code (And How To Actually Do It!) The basic fundamentals of coding is becoming a basic digital [...]

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How to avoid making silly and stupid mistakes


Oh S%#*! How many times have we heard that when someone realizes that they made a silly or stupid mistake? In this post you will find ways to avoid making silly and stupid mistakes. But before we get started with the solution to the problem, let’s first define what these mistakes are. What is a Silly / Stupid [...]

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