Our Approach

Our Approach

Accel Learning realizes that every student has a different need. With this in mind, we have a structured approach to understand the needs of your child. This approach allows us to build a program that will best address the needs of your child.
Our approach involves the following steps:

Before signing up –
  1. We begin with an in-person consultation to understand your child’s goals. During this consultation, we also review your child’s tests, report cards or teacher notes. This helps us with the next planning step.
  2. We then plan a specific tutoring approach for your child. This would include identifying the specific areas for tutoring like core foundation, exam prep, refresher or getting them ready for advanced courses.
  3. Then we work jointly with you to set a mutually acceptable class schedule for your child. We offer once a week, twice a week or more classes as needed. We also have weekday evening classes or weekend classes.
After signing up –
  1. We will help your child with getting through homework, preparing for tests and building the foundation as needed. We also offer appropriate practice material as take away so that your child can practice even after class.
  2. One way a child can out perform is by building their confidence. We help build the child’s confidence by getting them ready on topics early on – before they are introduced in the school. This early introduction of topic helps the child reinforce the topic when it is introduced in school.
  3. We would prefer that your child not miss a class, but sometimes due to reasons beyond your control, if you child is unable to attend class, we offer a make up class (once a month) to help them catch up with what they missed.
  4. We believe in keeping the parents abreast about the progress of their child. We will specifically inform parents about their child’s progress at various times, but parents are free to enquire about their children’s progress at any time. We encourage parents taking active interest in their child’s development.

Accel Learning believes in unlocking the full potential of every student.
With this objective, our classes are structured to provide full attention to every student.

  • We believe in giving personalized attention to every student, so no class will have more than 4 students at the same time.
  • We do not mix students of different grades / topics together. Only students learning the same topic at a similar level are put in the same group.

All Accel Learning students get free access to online quiz for further practice as well as online Q & A to get answers to questions anytime anywhere!

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